Best Texas Skiing Video… (As stated by Unofficial Networks)

Yes it’s cold in Texas, and yes there’s snow on the ground. What do you with that? Go skiing.

These guys hitched a tow rope behind their 4Runner and went for a cruise around the still powder-filled streets of Austin, Texas. Niiiice.

Article by: Unofficial Networks:

Youtube video Description:

As of now most things are back to normal in Austin Texas. Thank you to everyone who helped out in this time. This video was filmed during the first day of the Winter storm in Texas. Everything was done in good fun and to spread positive vibes throughout the city. The whole week was a mix of joy and hardship! We all made the most of it and took this challenge as a celebration of what mother nature is capable of and to be grateful to exist when in reality she has the power to wipe us out at anytime (let’s hop not) we can all learn to be better hooomans through this.

Thank you for your comments (Good and Bad)… I don’t delete any comments so go easy on each other!

Video by: Greg Fulks

With the help of: David Wells – Cam Op/Driver/Skier #2

Bobby Spencer – Cam Op/Jokes

Graeme Burress – Snowboarder

Erick Yanez – Drone shots downtown

Video shot on Sony FX6 and GoPro 9 mostly.

Last song in video by Sam Newton:

Disclaimer!!!! Precautions were taken when driving and skiing. All stunts were performed by drivers & skiers with proper training and experience on both snow and ice roads. Please do not attempt to recreate or reenact anything you see in this video. No humans or animals were harmed in the making of this video This was the first day of the winter storm in Texas this week. Many folks in Austin have lost power and/or water at least some point (including us)…. Some big and minor repairs, but all good here.


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