Getting Married in San Miguel De Allende – Nick & Bah Wedding

Nick & Bahar’s Wedding Video

Check out the fun we had in SloMo:

Shot over the course of 3 days in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico Including Parade, Pool Party, Welcome party, Wedding day, and casual walking shots around San Miguel Here is the story of Nick and Bahar copied directly from their website which can be found here:


Nick and I both worked at the coffee house on campus and we both had physics class after the afternoon shift at work. He would always long board past me to class as I walked (I gave up biking to class due the high likely hood of crashing.) Nick eventually started walking with me to class, and I started requesting trash duty at the coffee house so I would have a greater chance of running into him in the kitchen. Nick was the guy that didn’t need to come to class. There were times when we would have a pop quiz and I would have to take two copies of it and turn one in under his name since he had decided to ditch that day. I would help him with the homework, and not going to lie I really thought I was carrying him through that class. Turns out he is lightyears smarter than I thought at the time, and he really didn’t need my help at all. We became great friends through the spring quarter and when it came time for his fraternity formal, he said to me: “the girl that I like isn’t able to come to formal with me, will you be my date instead?” and I was like…. sure thing, at least I was the second choice right?! The day before formal Nick tells me the girl he likes is actually able to attend, so he didn’t need me to go with any more. No worries, I ended up going to another fraternity formal with another dude instead. Long story short, his date took allergy medicine, fell asleep before formal and never showed up. Meanwhile, my date got arrested for fighting a bouncer at a bar. And Nick and I ended up on the phone that night realizing how things were supposed to happen. Fast forward 7 years and here we are!


I had given much thought over the past years on how I would propose to Bahar, I knew I wanted it to catch her off gaurd. But alas the problem- how to deceive the love of your life when she’s so much more intelligent than you? I decided to orchestrate the perfect day at home, surprised by her family and friends. So the stage was set by inviting her to a dinner for a new company I had just started working for, on April 1st 2017 (A LIE). But of course, the morning of April Fool’s Day tragedy struck… While getting ready for a fancy day out, Bah and Miko engaged in a direct hit, head-0n collision to the dome. She immediately developed a blue welt the size of a small grapefruit on her forehead and started crying. Which doesn’t exactly equate to great pictures. Was I freaking out? Yes. Was she freaking out? Again, Yes. So we strapped some ice to her head, threw her in the car and drove off for some mimosas in Lafayette. By the time we finished our first glass, she had healed a 10,000% and I was staring into the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world, on arguably the most important day of my life so far. I took her to the top of Tilden Park in Berkeley, where a picnic lay in a little patch of grass off the beaten path with panoramic views of the bay area in the background. When we arrived, the Maid of Honor was still arranging the scene! Her dog Chico wouldn’t leave us, which only made the memory sweeter. We sat down and I asked her to marry me, she said yes with a face full of tears (lots of crying happened on this day) and told me her ring reminded her of Disneyland. After we enjoyed the moment together, we went to a romanic lunch at Chez Panisse. Just when the day was coming to a close, we had a surprise party planned back at home in Alamo with our family and closest friends.

Wedding Couple Bahar Hajian (IG: @baharhajian) Nick Schwarzbach (IG: @npschwarz)

Video Directed/Produced/Edited by: Greg Fulks (IG: @Fulks)

Shot by: Greg Fulks (IG: @Fulks)

Josh Rottman (IG: @Josh_Rottman)

Zac Zlatic (IG: @double.zee)


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