Beautiful Couple | John & Chelsie

John & Chelsie Wedding in Sacramento California at the Vizcaya in Midtown.

This wedding was very special to me…  The Bride and Groom voiced they did not want a cookie cutter video for their wedding so I decided to do a few things different… But first, let me start from the beginning.

The first time I met the bride and groom was on the day of their wedding.  I made sure to get there with plenty of time to introduce myself and make them feel comfortable with myself and my partner.  After all, this is one of the most important days of their life and I’m a stranger that is going to be spending the whole day with them.  If they don’t feel comfortable around me then it’s going to show on camera.  Throughout the day the characteristics of the video start to form.  This is a two-way street! Their energy and my energy play off each other…

For my style of shooting, I always try to match the energy of the bride and groom. I want this video to be fueled by their personality and not mine which means at some weddings I take it down a notch and others I bring it up.  The bride and groom are obviously the stars of the day but there are also groomsmen and bridesmaids that play a huge role in everything.  They are the entourage but also key players. They either raise the energy of the day or lower it.  It is my job to not lower anyone’s energy or make anyone feel off.

The bride and the groom definitely have a great group of friends. I guarantee you that if it was 2003 every one of them would be in each other’s TOP 8.  Both the guys and gals had their sh*t together on this special day.  It was nothing but smiles, jokes, and happiness which are the perfect ingredients for a wedding day.

With the help of a good friend and talented artist (Joe Na), we were able to capture this full day of joy and play it back in 9 minutes that will now last forever and can be shared with every generation of their family.  Especially those great great great grandchildren that were not alive yet to see how in love their grandparents were.

Grateful for the opportunity to make one day last forever!

Wedding Shot by:
Greg Fulks & Joe Na




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