Kristen & Stephen’s Wedding Photos

This was such a special wedding to me.  Not only were the bride and groom wonderful to work with but also the bride, Kristen, was my best friend throughout high school.  We even walked side by side at our high school graduation.   Like most friends after high school, you lose touch a few years after graduating if you don’t live in the same city.

Kristin and I both left our hometown of Citrus Heights but every couple years managed to either meet up in person or catch up over the phone.

Just shy of 10 years from our graduation date I was able to watch her walk down the aisle with her now husband Stephen, who is the perfect man for her.  I am so grateful that I was not only invited to the wedding but having the honor to capture the day in stills was a dream.



Congratulations Kristen and Stephen!

Link to Photos: Kristen & Stephen’s Wedding

Wedding Location: Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove, California

Photos by: Greg Fulks & Isabell Lin



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