New Opportunities

New Opportunities

October 30, 2013

23 days in… and now it feels like an eternity.  Traveling around the country in a tour bus is quite the experience.  My home has become this vehicle.  There has been so many bumps in the road but through each bump the team that stands has grown stronger.  Unforeseen events await everyday. We’ve had a 2nd blowout shortening the time we got to spend at VCU but we were able to meet some incredible people because of it.  We have had numerous encounters with obstacles including one tour member drop from our team of six to make us a team of five.  Mike was unable to continue due to personal aspirations that made him want to quit the tour.  As much as we all would have liked him to stay we all respected his decision to leave when he did.
Alex (our social media guy from North Dakota) has stepped up a lot since Mike has left and so has Rick (Kash’s twin brother who is the web designer).  Alex is now the backup driver and sits up front with Kash most of the time.
With one less member everyone has had to step up and work harder, which has made us all stronger.  Shooting video by day and editing by night.  There is no time to be inactive. Everyday is a work day. Every minute is productive.  Yes, it is not easy but I would be lying if I said I was not having the time of my life.  Working hard pays off and it feels right.
I’ve learned first hand that every problem is really a new opportunity in disguise.  Every time something has gone wrong something positive has come out of it.  When you find what you love, commit to it.  Don’t give up because it gets hard, push yourself and accept the challenges.  The more you struggle the tougher you become.  Money is a tool that can help or hinder you from the real beauty in life. A man who follows his dreams  is richer than a man who makes millions but pushes his true passion to the side.


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