Today is My Six Year Anniversary

Today is My Six Year Anniversary

September 22, 2013

I left my home exactly 6 years ago from today it was not a far drive
but felt like a world away.  I was moving to a place that I would soon call home.
A place that I would never again feel alone.
I Never realized how many amazing people I could meet with the time I’ve spent here.
Landed an awesome job right out the gate, working in Davis with my best friends and at I job I love.
But now is the time to try something new.  It’s time to go after my dreams that I have always wanted but never actually took the leap of faith to do. Thank you everyone for the impact you have had on my life.  From roommates to friends, to Ex’s and RA’s, you have all had made me the person I am today.
Next week I will be leaving to work with one of the most inspirational and motivational companies of our time.
I will get to do what I love with people who have the same passion for life that I do.
Those that know me well or even at all, know that I love to film and photograph everything in my life and that is exactly what I get to do.
I wil be traveling across the country from University to University inspiring and being inspired by others.
My time on this earth is short so why not spend it doing what I love. I’m excited for this journey and hope to bring you along with me the best way I know how… I will always be a snap and vid away.
All I can say now is thank you God for this playground, when recess is over I will come home to you.

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