The Longest SUP Race – Through the Canals of the Netherlands

(Full Video at the very bottom)   The longest SUP Race in the world, taking place amidst the remote canals of northern Holland. The path crosses 11 Cities in Friesland over 5 days. Essentially, a marathon a day on a stand up paddle board. One of the greatest mental challenges in sport, and one of... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Decision // Keystone – Colorado (With The Sony A7sii & FeiyuTech A2000) And a little story about this trip…. I hit up my friend Collin about skiing and he invited me on this ski trip last minute with a group of guys and couple of their girlfriends… ( (Back story) I’ve had a lot going on in my life the three weeks prior to the trip... Continue Reading →

Starting a New Path

Starting a New Path October 2, 2013 This is a story about one persons journey (myself) from an ordinary life where everything was safe.  Where each week day was pretty much the same (we get wild on the weekends).  Waking up at 6am for an hour of work followed by a morning run then back... Continue Reading →

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