Spectrum Trail Racing // McKinney Roughs “The Circus”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4_fIw4YsSM Not just a race but a community... Spectrum Trail Racing hosts a variety of running events that are unique in style! THE CIRCUS TRAIL RACE offers a 12 HOUR RELAY/SOLO, 30K & 10K They offer the competitiveness for both elite runners and those who like to push themselves with some friendly competition. Also an... Continue Reading →

The Muddiest Trail Race Ever // I Actually Ran the Entire Thing While Filming It

The Muddiest Race EVER!!! // Spectrum Trail Racing December 2016 at McKinney Roughs I'll be honest... I definitely underestimated the challenge of running this whole course with all my camera gear. ┬áNot only was I worried about my camera gear getting wet but I had to protect everything from getting muddy. I kept my Sony... Continue Reading →

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