Wedding Day in 3 Minutes // Whitney & Brandon

Located a couple hours east of Austin, TX. Shot this video with my buddy Nick.  We added in some voice-overs of the guests to give it a different feel than my usual wedding video style. Check it out! It's only 3 minutes        

The Day We All Saw Coming // Jesse & Abbi’s Wedding Video

Jesse and Abbigail's Wedding day I was actually in this wedding (the groom is my cousin) so it was a little tricky to film everything. Big thanks to my little bro Dylan and cousin Dimitri for capturing a few shots for me while I was busy. Music: "Closer" by the Chainsmokers

Starting a New Path

Starting a New Path October 2, 2013 This is a story about one persons journey (myself) from an ordinary life where everything was safe.  Where each week day was pretty much the same (we get wild on the weekends).  Waking up at 6am for an hour of work followed by a morning run then back... Continue Reading →

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