Spectrum Trail Racing // McKinney Roughs “The Circus”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4_fIw4YsSM Not just a race but a community... Spectrum Trail Racing hosts a variety of running events that are unique in style! THE CIRCUS TRAIL RACE offers a 12 HOUR RELAY/SOLO, 30K & 10K They offer the competitiveness for both elite runners and those who like to push themselves with some friendly competition. Also an... Continue Reading →

Life Is A Dream

Connect with me on Instagram: @Fulks Life is a dream... Or is it?  Well I guess It depends on what happens in your dreams. Here is the closest inside look I can give you about what I'm doing. A good friend of mine asked me to make a video about following my passion and this is what... Continue Reading →

Vlog 001

Connect with me on Instagram: @Fulks Downtown Austin: Vlog 001, Friday Oct 16, 2015 Vlog 002 coming soon!!! I've always wanted to start a vlog. I always talked about it but now I've finally put it in motion. I've been practicing filming my daily life but this is the first time I actually decided to upload... Continue Reading →

Record Breaking Performance | UC Davis Gymnastics

Connect with me on Instagram: @Fulks UC Davis Gymnastics Senior Meet 2014 Breaking the school and conference record (196.425) The two little girls in the beginning are the Kalb sisters. Alyssa (the one closest to the camera at 0:10 seconds) was adopted by the UC Davis women's gymnastics team through the FOJ program on February 5. #TeamAlyssa -Video was... Continue Reading →

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