When Time Slows Down

November 30, 2013 Time has finally slowed down.  That, “Life is a roller coaster,” saying has really been the only consistent thing in my life this past year.  From traveling the country to losing my best guy friend to a girl and losing my best girl friend to that guy, I have been crushed and I have been on top of the world.  Family struggles that ache the heart and others that revive it.  Through everything I am reminded of how blessed I am to feel the things I feel.  The sadness and happiness reassures that I care and how … Continue reading When Time Slows Down

Those Little Big Things

November, 11 2013 There are many things that go on everyday that the people around you know just by the sight of your actions, but nobody truly knows what you are feeling on the inside especially if you cover it up.  Smiles and laughter on the outer level but incomplete thoughts and wonders beyond control on the inside. No matter where you are from, the road can be the most exhilarating place in the world.  Mystery and excitement at every turn.  Everyday is different and you see so many new places and faces. Who wouldn’t want that?  That is what … Continue reading Those Little Big Things

New Opportunities

New Opportunities October 30, 2013 23 days in… and now it feels like an eternity.  Traveling around the country in a tour bus is quite the experience.  My home has become this vehicle.  There has been so many bumps in the road but through each bump the team that stands has grown stronger.  Unforeseen events await everyday. We’ve had a 2nd blowout shortening the time we got to spend at VCU but we were able to meet some incredible people because of it.  We have had numerous encounters with obstacles including one tour member drop from our team of six … Continue reading New Opportunities

It Is Only The Beginning

It Is Only The Beginning October 12, 2013 October 7th was the first day of the tour.  Austin Texas….. it is a pretty awesome town.  It is similar to San Francisco but more Space and less hills.  It has that fun city feel with people all around.  But it is way to hot and humid for a California kid like myself.  There is also no ocean near Austin so that right there drops it down a full 2 points in my book.  They do have a nice lake so they get a point back for that. All in all it … Continue reading It Is Only The Beginning

Starting a New Path

Starting a New Path October 2, 2013 This is a story about one persons journey (myself) from an ordinary life where everything was safe.  Where each week day was pretty much the same (we get wild on the weekends).  Waking up at 6am for an hour of work followed by a morning run then back to work from 9am – 5pm and finally finishing off the day working another few hours at night for my other job.  Yes, it varied here and there but this was pretty much how it was. This is not a bad way to live and … Continue reading Starting a New Path

Safety vs Your Dreams

Safety VS Your Dreams August 23, 2013 Am I chasing my dreams or am I running from my fears? Can I fall for someone who can’t catch me? Can I become something great if myself won’t let me? I’m asking myself these questions because I’ve realized the most dangerous thing in life is safety In safety there is no changing except for the fact that I’m aging If I don’t let go I won’t grow if I don’t grow then I will never know Perhaps now is the time to risk the mistake Perhaps now is the time before it’s … Continue reading Safety vs Your Dreams

Today is My Six Year Anniversary

Today is My Six Year Anniversary September 22, 2013 I left my home exactly 6 years ago from today it was not a far drive but felt like a world away.  I was moving to a place that I would soon call home. A place that I would never again feel alone. I Never realized how many amazing people I could meet with the time I’ve spent here. Landed an awesome job right out the gate, working in Davis with my best friends and at I job I love. But now is the time to try something new.  It’s time … Continue reading Today is My Six Year Anniversary